Welcome to Avya Store!

Hello friend, my name is Jasmine Amonkar founder of Avyastore, living in a small and beautiful state of Goa, India. A mom, crochet blogger, pattern designer, sharing my knowledge and free crochet patterns here on Avyastore.com

I grew up seeing my mother quilting blankets, her love for embroidery. She gave me inspiration for doing various forms of arts and crafts. Crochet started during my school days as a hobby and gradually evolved over the years, now I am here at Avyastore.com creating and sharing free crochet patterns. 

Avyastore offers you to learn crochet and find terrific crochet patterns to work. My goal is to provide simple crochet pattern tutorials, along with the knowledge of crochet.

I hope you enjoy our patterns here and will return often! Thank you for stopping by!!


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 

By Maya Angelou


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