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Abbreviation & Terms

Crochet Hook

Crocheting is a technique that uses a crochet hook and yarn to create fabric from a series of interlocking loops. From granny –square blankets to fine lace, crocheted projects can take on various looks and […]

Fibers to Fabrics

Fibers For Crochet

A fiber is a thin thread of a natural or artificial substance, especially one that is used to make cloth or rope. Natural Fibers – Cotton – Cotton comes from the ripe, fuffy seedpod of the cotton […]

How to read a crochet pattern

Crochet Diagrams

Crocheting involves only  a limited number of stitches, but by combining them you can create many different patterns. We have devised a system of symbols for the stitches and these symbols are used in a […]


Lacy Motif with Picots

Who doesn’t love granny square motif crochet patterns? Whether you are making a traditional granny square or a lace square motif, they are so versatile. The possibilities are endless! Today’s Lacy Motifs with picots can […]

Free Pattern

Crochet Framed Flower

If they aren’t already, crochet flowers and granny squares should definitely be on your “to craft” list — they’re simple, and fun to work. So why not combine the two and make flower granny squares? I have named this pattern as Framed Flower […]

Free Pattern

Free Pattern – Tawny Mandala

Mandalas have a prominent position in the art of crocheting and they are very hot in crochet fashion! The meaning of the word ”Mandala” is a “Circle”. Crochet mandalas are magical. beautiful, easy to make, can be usedi n so […]