How to Crochet Verbena Flowers – Free Tutorial

How to Crochet Verbena Flowers – Free Pattern and Instruction

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Verbena flowers are tiny cluster blooms; they have a beautiful array of colours. The board five-petal flower has striking looks, I have included these beauties in my garden. The bright and light shades of purple are eye-pleasing. These purple flowers are the inspiration for today’s free pattern.

I have tried to simplify the pattern. The flower needs less than a minute to finish. Beginners skill project. The size of the flowers is 1.5 cm.

For this project, I recommend using only shades of purple. The finner lacy thread is best to get the perfect scale. For covering the stems use 2ply polyester yarn.

List of Materials and Supply required to make the Verbena flower.

For the flower

Cotton Merchandised 2ply or lace Doily size 20 or 40

Steel Hook size 1.0mmor smaller


Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

For demonstration purpose, I have to use 3ply cotton thread and 1.6mm crochet steel hook.

For the flower branch

1.0mm craft wire.

0.4 mm craft wire.

0.2mm beads.

2ply polyester light green thread.

Craft Glue.

Bending Plier.

Stitch guide and Special stitch instructions

sl st = Slip Stitch.

ch = Chain.

tr = Treble Crochet.

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Instruction for making the Crochet Verbena Flowers

How to make the Verbena Flowers

Start the round making a magic ring.

Round 1 

In the magic ring:

  1. Ch4 as the turning chain.
  2. Make tr3,ch4,sl st.
  3. Repeat (ch4, tr3, ch4, sl st) 4 times

For making the flower use tight stitches. Pull the yarn tightly to close the magic ring. Weave the loose ends using the needle.

To make the stem 

  1. Using two shades of the purple colour make ten tiny flowers.
  2. Take 3 inches of 0.4mm wire, pass it through the bead, use a Bending Plier to fix the wire.
  3. Take the flower, pass the bead through the centre of the flower, add glue to the centre, keep for drying.
  4. Once dry, using the 2ply polyester thread cover the wire. Apply a coat of glue. 
  5. Repeat the above process for all the flowers
  6. Use the 1.0mm craft wire position each flower to give a branch look, cover the wire with the green thread secure with a coat of glue.

Use the Laurentia Flower for the following:

  1. Enhance your party wear by adding the crochet Verbena Flowers brooch. To make the brooch:- attach a coat pin at the backside of the branch, elegant brooch ready.
  2. Use the micro crochet flowers in making other varieties of jewellery like earrings, pendants, etc.
  3. Enhance your toddles hair accessories with these pretty flowers.

The pattern is free for personal use. You can make and sell products using this pattern. Share the post if you like but do not copy-paste the write-up, instructions or photo images. Do give credits to my website in case of sharing the blog post.

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