How to Crochet Delicate Lace Dollie – Free Pattern

Delicate Lace Crochet Dollie, made in an almost infinite manner of variables. You can work with the different colour combinations, move the beginning of a round, or change the way you begin and end rounds.

Delicate Lace Dollie

Crochet Dollies can be a square, a hexagon, a circle almost any shape you can imagine. It can be light and lacy, dark and solid, or a three dimensional. Self colours enhance the beauty of the Dollie and give it an interesting texture. 

Skill level for making Delicate Lace Dollie


Size or measurements of the finished item.

The sizes will vary based on supplies used, hook size and other factors. The Dollie made with this design measures 6 inches.

Materials list 

Cotton Mechanized thread used for making lace Dollies. 

Crochet Hook Size of I.5 mm steel crochet hook.

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Stitch guide and special stitch instructions

sl st = Slip Stitch

sc = Single Crochet

ch = Chain 

dc = Double Crochet 

tr = Treble Crochet 

Sc3tog = Three single crochet hooked together

Dc2tog = Two double crochet hooked together

Tr2tog = Two treble crochet hooked together

Tr3tog = Three treble crochet hooked together

* = repeat of instructions 

A complete guide on crochet abbreviation, read our blog post, link mentioned below:

Notes about the pattern

Picot (Pc) = Chain 4, slip stitch to the fourth chain from hook.

Popcorn = Make five dc in one stitch, drop loop from hook and insert hook from front to back through the top of the first stitch in the Popcorn then into a dropped loop, yarn over and pull through two loops on hook.

Instruction for making the Delicate Lace Dollie


Delicate Lace Dollie _Foundation

Make a circle, Ch 6, sl st in 5th ch from hook.

Round 1 

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 1

8 sc in the foundation loop, close the Round with Sl st.

Round 2

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 2

Ch3, tr2tog, * Ch7, tr3tog. repeat for five times * for finishing the round Ch3, tr1, sl st in the top of the Ch3 

Round 3

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 3

Ch3,1dc, Ch2, 2dc , * Ch 6,( 2 dc, Ch2, 2dc) in the Chain 7 of pervious round, . repeat for 5 times * close with sl st in top of Ch3.

Round 4

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 4

Ch3,1dc, Ch2, dc2tog, * Ch 4,1sc in the chain 6 of round 3, Ch4, repeat for five times * close the Round with sl st in top of Ch3.

Round 5

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 5

Ch3,1dc, Ch2, 2dc , * Ch 2,dc2tog in the sc of the round 4,Ch2, dc2tog,ch 2,*repeat for 5 times, close the round with sl st in Ch3.

Round 6

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 6

Ch3, 1dc, Ch2, 1dc, ch2, 2dc, Ch3,Popcorn (in chain 2 space of pervious round), Ch3,repeat to complete the round, close with an sl st.

Round 7

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 7

Ch3, 1dc, Ch2, 1dc, Ch5, 1dc, Ch2, 2 dc, * (Ch3,sc3tog,ch3), (2dc, Ch2, 1dc , Ch5,1dc, Ch2, 2 dc), * repeat to complete the round, sl st.

Round 8

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 8

Ch3, 1dc, Ch4, 2dc, Ch2, *dc2tog, Ch2,* repeat 4 times, **Ch2, 2dc, Ch4, 2dc **repeat to complete the round, close with an sl st.

Round 9

Delicate Lace Dollie _Round 9

Ch4, tr3tog, Ch 7, Pc, Ch2, *tr3tog, Ch2, Pc, Ch2, * repeat 4 times, Ch2, Pc, Ch7, 4 tr together, complete the round with sl st.

Fasten Off using a Tapestry needle. 


Tips to make your lacy Dollie stiff.

Hairspray: A common item in our wardrobe. Quick and easy method, place the Dollie on the fixing board, using rustproof pins attached the Dollie firmly, light spray on the surface of the Dollie and let dry. This method gives a semi-hard finish and is non-permanent. This method is most suited for the Christmas snowflakes.

Glue and water. Mix equal portions of Glue and water. Dip your crochet piece in the solution and gently squeeze out excess being careful not to twist or wring the item, with the help of a board shape the Dollie. This method works great for Christmas ornaments. It leaves a permanent finish.

Ready to use starch: is another easy way to stiffen crochet. Dilute the starch with 3/4 amount of water. The more water you used, the softer your doily will be. Dip the crochet Dollie in starch, keep it for a minute and squeeze out excess. Dry the Dollie on a fixing board.rochet.

Sugar and. Water. One cup of water adds 1 tbsp os sugar boil till the sugar melts. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Take the crochet Dollie and dip in the syrup and gently drain the excess syrup. Be careful not to wring or twist the crochet. Now shape your crochet item to the desired design. This method produces a non-permanent hard finish, which allows the natural feel of the crochet to come through.

Few Additional Ideas.

  • This lacy motif will be perfect for scrapbooking, sewing crafts, holiday decorating, home décor, and so much more!
  • Make multiple and join to make a table runner.
  • Use to decorate your pale cushion covers of pillow covers.

These are just a few ideas. We are sure you can dream up many others!

Delicate Lace Dollie

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