Free Pattern

Crochet Framed Flower

If they aren’t already, crochet flowers and granny squares should definitely be on your “to craft” list — they’re simple, and fun to work. So why not combine the two and make flower granny squares? I have named this pattern as Framed Flower […]

Free Pattern

Free Pattern- Floral Doily

Doilies are great for beginners because they work up quickly and don’t require much yarn. Great for gift giving and doing your own home decorating, Crochet doilies are also wonderful for adding a vintage touch to […]


Bookmarks For Bookworms

Throw out those crumpled receipts, old card, catalog cards, and ripped up parking tickets and get yourself some real bookmarks. Bookmarks have never looked so good. Thoughtfully crafted, these fan crochet bookmarks have a fresh […]