How to Crochet Acacia flowers Granny Square – Free Pattern

How to Crochet a Granny Square with Acacia flowers - Free Pattern

How to Crochet Acacia Flowers Granny Square – Free Pattern and Instructions by

Acacia is the first to feel the arrival of spring. During the peak of the flower, the whole tree is dyed yellow, and wrapped with a bright atmosphere.

The free granny square design has an array of colours. The listed pattern requires intermediate skills. The size of the floral granny square is 6 inches, will vary with the yarn and hook size that you will use to make the square,

Materials and Equipment list required for making the Acacia flowers Granny Square

Worsted yarn 2ply

  1. Peach
  2. Bright Yellow
  3. Mustard
  4. Green
  5. White for the border.

Crochet Hook Size of 3.5 mm aluminium crochet hook.


Stitch guide and special stitch instructions for the Acacia flowers Granny Square

sl st = Slip Stitch

sc = Single Crochet

ch = Chain

Dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together

Tr2tog = treble crochet 2 stitches together.

Notes for the Acacia flowers Granny Square

  1. Ch3 made at the beginning of round2 is considered as the first dc.
  2. Sc made at the beginning of round5,6 and 7; is the first sc for the particular round.
  3. * symbol indicates to start from this point.
  4. ** Repeat from here.

How to Crochet Acacia flowers Granny Square - Free Pattern

Instruction for making the Acacia flowers Granny Square

The pattern starts with a magic ring.

Round 1 (Yarn Shade 1)

In the ring makes 12sc,sl st and cut the yarn.

Round 2 (Yarn Shade 2)

  1. Ch3, dc, ch3.
  2. In the remaining each sc – dc2tog, ch3.
  3. Repeat there will be 12 nos of Dc2tog.

Round 3 (Yarn Shade 3)

  1. In the ch3 chain – space starts with a Ch3.
  2. Yarn over three times, insert the hook in the first dc2tog of the round 2, make a dc, from this point make another dc joining the next dc2tog. At this point, you will get an inverted V shape.
  3. You will have three loops on the hook remaining. Pull the yarn to form a dc, ch3, make the other dc joining the inverted V point. You will get X shape.
  4. Continue with ch3 and sc in the three chain space of round 2.
  5. Repeat the above for each petal. You will get eight petals at the end.

Round 4 (Yarn Shade 3)

  1. sl st till you reach the centre of the ch3 between the cross of dc.
  2. From the centre of the cross dc; ch8, sc in the next ch3 space in between the cross dc.
  3. Repeat seven times, sl st to close. Cut the yarn.

Round 5 (Yarn Shade 4)

  1. Skip the sc and 1ch and start round 5.
  2. Start with an **sc, ch3, skip four chains, in the seventh chain *(Dc2tog, ch2, Tr2tog, ch2, Dc2tog) ch3, sc in the fourth chain away from *, ch4 sc in the fifth chain from the hook.
  3. Repeat from **. The (Dc2tog, ch2, Tr2tog, ch2, Dc2tog) will form the corners of the granny square.

Round 6 (Yarn Shade 4)

  1. Give a border of sc in each of the stitches.
  2. At the corner (In the Tr2tog) make three sc.
  3. Sl st to close, cut the yarn.

Round 7 (Yarn Shade 5)

  1. In each stitch of round 6 make an sc.
  2. At the corner make three sc in the same stitch.
  3. sl st to close.

Round 8 (Yarn Shade 5)

Skip two sc of previous round 7, ch 4, sc in the third sc away from the hook. Repeat till end of round8. The border will beautify the granny square.

The Acacia flower standouts in the granny square and gives a beautiful look.

The pattern is useful to make

  1. Blankets, baby pullers.
  2. Market bags.
  3. Shawls, cardigans.
  4. Potli bags,etc.

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