Free Pattern – Decor Flower

Flowers are always beautiful. It does not matter if they are real or artificially prepared. You can use flower in a lot of ways to add up to the décor of your house. Crochet flower patterns is one similar way to make use of flowers to decorate your house. Crochet flower patterns may be used for a number of decorative purposes. You can use them in endless ways including jewelry, as a key charm, barrettes, head bands, for brooches, etc. In addition to this, they are also used as a key element in a number of advanced crochet techniques.

If you want to learn the techniques to create a crochet flower below is a free patterns. This pretty stylized six – petal flower is a hexagonal shape just like a snowflake. Although it looks elaborated, it is quick to make because of the openwork rounds.

Material :

  • Crochet Thread Size of 20
  • Hook Size of 1.25 mm


Ch – chain

Ss – slip stitch

Sc – single crochet

hdc – Half double crochet

dc – double crochet

tr – treble crochet

dtr – double treble crochet

sp – space

st – stitch


Wind yarn around finger to form a ring.

1st Round: (Magic Circle), 1ch, 18sc in ring, ss in first sc.

2nd Round: 1ch,1sc in same place as ss, (13ch, ss in 11th ch from hook, 2ch, miss 2sc, 1sc in next sc) 5 times, 13ch, ss in 11th ch from hook, 1dc in first sc, turn.

3rd Round: *(1sc, 1hdc, 2dc, 3tr, 1dtr,3tr,2dc,1hdc,1sc) in 10ch sp, ss around base of the loop **, 5ch, ss in same ch as ss at the base of next loop, rep from * 4more times, then rep from * to **, 2ch, 1dc in ss at base of the first loop, turn.

4th Round: 2ch, miss sc. (1dc in next st, 2ch) 13 time, miss sc, 1 sc in 5ch sp, rep from * 5 more times omitting last sc, ss in last dc of 3rd round . Fasten off.

5th Round: 1ch, 1sc in same sp as join, *1sc in 3rd sp of next petal, (1sc in next sp, 5ch in same sp) 8 times, 1sc in next sp, rep from * 5 more times omitting last sc, ss in first sc.

Fasten off.

Pattern Diagram:


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