KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks Review

KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks Review by

KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks Review


KnitPro Waves a popular brand in the world of crochet, the hooks are in demand due to comfort and sturdy grip.

The KnitPro Company manufacture a wide variety of knitting needles, crochet hooks & related accessories. The products of the company are offered in a variety of materials to work with all types of yarns. KnitPro products are sold in over 65 countries worldwide and are recognized as a leading brand in European countries.

About the KnitPro Waves

KnitPro Waves, single-ended aluminium crochet hooks are elegant and have a smooth silver finish. Available in Thirteen colourful, vibrant and trendy soft-feel grips, each unique to its size. The crochet hook range extends from 2.00mm – 12.00mm to satisfy the needs of all Crochet Artists.

Below is a summarized table on the KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks

KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks Review

Hook Size Colour Code Colour Prices in India
2.00mm 30901 Rosemary 70
2.25mm 30902 Aster 70
2.50mm 30903 Jade 70
2.75mm 30904 Iris 70
3.00mm 30905 Laurel 70
3.25mm 30906 Ivorine 70
3.50mm 30907 Magnolia 70
3.75mm 30908 Maple 70
4.00mm 30909 Tangerine 70
4.50mm 30910 Bluebell 70
5.00mm 30911 Laburnum 70
5.50mm 30912 Primrose 70
6.00mm 30913 Pansy 70
6.50mm 30914 Ivorine 80
7.00mm 30915 Aster 80
8.00mm 30916 Maple 80
9.00mm 30917 Iris 90
10.00mm 30918 Jade 95
12.00mm 30919 Bluebell 95


The crochet hooks weigh approximately 26 gram. In India, the hooks are available on Amazon and Pradhan Embroidery store.

The hooks have a comfortable and steady grip and help to crochet for a longer time. The hooks are embossed with metric sizes. The colours are eye-catching.

Take care of the KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks

  1. Clean the hooks with soft cloth or tissue after use.
  2. Store the steel hooks in cloth pouches or container.

Get started with some stunning creation with the knitPro Waves crochet hook.

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