Learn to Crochet a Mini Bag.

Amigurumi pattern is the most fun to do, with little material and basic stitches, a beautiful product is created. Today we have a free pattern of a crochet mini bag. This gorgeously timeless little design is perfectly suited for women and girls of all ages. Most use as bag charms or key chains.

This is a  basic level project and works up quickly.

Supply List for making the Mini Bag

  • Yarn or Crochet Thread: You can use just about any size fibre to make this project. We have used Anchor Size 10 Tread. Colours Used is Peach.
  • Crochet Hook Size: To crochet the flower, we used a size I.6 mm steel crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

General Direction:

In contrast to most crochet patterns, this pattern has no gauge, no thread demand and no hook sizes. That’s as a result of you’ll be able to vary the dimensions and look of every bag to suit the wants of your project.

While selecting the thread and hook for your project experiment with a range of threads to realize the looks and texture that pleases you.


  • Slip Stitch= sl st
  • Sk = skip
  • Single Crochet= sc

To know more about the various crochet abbreviations click the below link :


Details Instructions:

Start with a magic ring/loop.

Round 1

8sc in the magic ring/loop.

Round 2

2 sc in each of the 8 sc of the first round. | 16 sc

Round 3

[1 sc, 1 sc (increase) X 8]  | 24 sc

Round 4

1 sc in each of the 24 sc of round 3. |24 sc

Round 5

[2 sc, 1 sc (increase) X 8]  | 32 sc

Round 6 – 11

1 sc in each of the 32 sc of round 3. |32 sc

Round 12

5 sc, chain 10, skip 6 sc (of previous row 11), 10 sc, chain 10, skip 6 sc (of previous row 11), 5 sc

Round 13

5 sl st, 10 sc along the chain 10, 10 sl st, repeat 10 sc along the chain 10, 5 sl st.

Fasten off. Decorate the bag with a bow, flowers of your choice.

Decoration Ideas.

  • Use it as a bag charm.
  • Insert a magnet, can be used as board decors.
  • Use it as a key chain.



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