Micro Crochet – A New Skills.

Micro Crochet - A New Skills.

Small tiny crochet arts that are pretty and mesmerizing, standing out and seek immediate attention. Art of crafting a crochet item to a small size that makes you feel inspired and creative. 

Micro crochet is a popular art derived from Japan. Micro Crochet has developed over the decades.

Popular items in this art form are animals, flowers, etc. Micro crochet design has popularity in the jewellery sector. To have perfect micro crochet, all you need is a fine thread and hook. 

Design Selection

It’s an individual choice to select the design if you are a beginner go for the simplest ones, try a pattern that is easy to work. I like making micro jewellery; my design inspiration is nature. 

Buying the Threads.

Micro Crochet - A New Skills.

Cotton Threads that very fine are prefered in micro crochet, easy to handle and gives a good grip.

Embroidery thread is put in use by many for making tiny flowers.

Few prefer the fine silk threads that are used for sewing. 

One should keep in mind “finner the thread the better is the output”.

Using finner Hooks.

Prefered hook size is less than 1.0mm, the smaller the hook size the finer the stitch. Steel hooks with rubber cover give better finishing along with a good grip. 

Micro Crochet - A New Skills.

Working in bright light

Work station should have adequate light; this helps in crocheting and focusing on working without stressing the eyes. 

Investing in a magnifier glass.

A magnifying lens is always handy and helpful. For beginners, it is not mandatory until you want to start something seriously in micro crochet.  

Micro Crochet - A New Skills.

Using suitable tools.


For perfect working use small and sharp, working with large ones can temper the workings. 


Another frequently used tool is the needle. The use of a suitable needle is important to give the final finishing touch.

Glue or Adhesive

To give a stiff look to 

Micro Crochet - A New Skills.

Putting in use the micro crochet.

  1. Decorating stamp books, scrapbooks, journals, etc.
  2. A popular use is for making jewellery.
  3. Love animal making, they are perfect for keychains.
  4. Mix and match with other crafts.

Crochet Mini Star Earrings – Free Pattern to try 

Micro Crochet - A New Skills.

Materials list required for making the Crochet Mini Star Earrings 

Cotton Embroidery thread

Steel hook 0.95mm


Stitch guide and Special stitch instructions.

Ch = Chain stitch.

sl st = Slip stitch. 

sc = Single crochet.

dc= Double crochet. 

Instruction for making the Crochet Mini Star Earrings 

  1. Magic Ring
  2. Ch3 as the turning chain, 1 dc, ch3 space, 3 dc.
  3. For finishing the round make 1 dc, sl st to close.
  4. Pull the loose ends, fasten off.
  5. Add a pearl or diamond stone on the front side. 
  6. At the back attached an earring loop.

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