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Popcorn Rosy flower, as the name say this is a crochet rose flower pattern with two layers of petals and center of popcorn stitches. Easy and quick to make; ideal for all sorts of decorations. This is a free listed pattern so enjoy the step by step procedure.

Supply List for Popcorn Rosy Flower:

  • Yarn or Crochet Thread: You can use just about any size fiber to make this project. We have used Hobby India Crochet Thread
  • Crochet Hook Size: To crochet the flower, we used a size I.75mm steel crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Finished Size:

The flower measures about 4” inches in size. The flower works from center to outwards.

General Direction:

Unlike most crochet patterns, this pattern has no gauge, no thread requirement and no hook sizes.

That’s because you can vary the size and appearance of each motif to fit the needs of your project. If the motif is for a bedspread, you could choose size 5 cotton thread and an appropriate hook, the same motif could be made with size 10 cotton thread and a similar hook for a doily.

When choosing the thread and hook for your project experiment with a variety of threads to achieve the appearance and texture that pleases you.

Crochet Abbreviations Used in the Popcorn Rosy Flower:

  • Slip Stitch= sl st
  • Single Crochet= sc
  • Chain = ch
  • Treble Crochet = trc
  • Double Treble Crochet = dtrc
  • Popcorn = pc

To know more about the various crochet abbreviations click the below link :


Popcorn Rosy Flower_Avyastore

Details Instructions for the Popcorn Rosy Flower:

Start with a foundation chain of 5. Sl st to form a circle.

Round 1

Make 1 ch to start the round 1. In the round make 14sc. Inish the forst round with a slip stitch through the first chain stitch.

Round 2

Start with 1 chain stitch, then ch 4 (to replace a trc), through the same first chain stitch of the round make 5 trc. Turn your work to the back side and make a sl st through the first trc, this makes our first popcorn stitch (pc).

Continue to work on the front side. Skip 2 st on the bottom round 1and  sc through the 3rd stitch [ these two skipped sc will be used in the round 3].  Now repeat the pc stitch (5chain, 5trc, turn sl st through the 1st trc). To finish the round make a sl st through the first chain stitch in the same round. Make total 5 pc to complete the round. This is the center part of the rose.

Round 3

Make 2 sc in the skipped sc of the round 1, ie is under the pc stitch,  chain 3, 2 sc under th pc, continue at the back side of the round 2.  To  finish make a sl st through the 1st sc , there will be 5 nos 3 chain for the round

 Round 4

Make a sl st through the next sc, ch 5, in the 3 chain space work 7 trc, chain 4, sc through the next sc st. Repeat for the remaining there will be 5 petals for this round.

Round 5

Chain 5, and sc through the second single crochet that are between the petals of Round 5. Repeat for the rest of the round, finish the round with a s st through the first chain stitch on this round.  There will be 5 nos of chain spaces.

Round 6

Chain 6, in the chain space make 9 dtrc, chain 5, sc in the sc of round 5. Repeat (chain 6, 9 dtrc in the chain space, chain 5, sc). To finish the round work a sl st through the first chain st on the same round. For this round there will be 5 nos of petals.

Fasten off; use the Tapestry needle to weave the ends.

What Can You Do With Popcorn Rosy Flower?

  • These can be used in formal events like weddings and anniversaries
  • Use them to decorate your scrap book.
  • Make them into brooches, attach them to hats, bags, hair slides, cardigans.
  • Assemble a whole bunch of them to prettify a tea cosy, a bag, a cushion.
  • String them together to make a pretty floral garland.
  • Stitch them to crochet triangles to make some pretty rosy bunting.
  • Glue them to a twiggy wreath to make a gorgeous decoration for your home.
  • These are just a few ideas. We are sure you can dream up many others!

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