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Crocheting may be a technique that uses a needle and yarn to form material from a series of interlocking loops. From granny –square blankets to fine lace, crocheted comes will attack varied appearance and levels of issue.

History and Evolution of Crochet Hook

The history of crochet hooks started with individuals devising their own, sometimes of wood, bone or metal. In Ireland, exquisite Irish laces were worked with hooks made of stiff wire inserted into a bit of wood or cork. The tip of the wire was filed down and a hook turned at the tip. Poor farmers usually incised picket hooks for his or her wives out of no matter was without delay accessible.

Trying back through the history of crochet hooks, it’s wonderful that these early crafters may end up such beautiful items of needlework with the crude hooks with that that they had to figure.

As crochet grew in quality and technology flourished, stitchers enjoyed a renaissance within the production of hooks. Crocheters within the higher categories may take their decide of lovely hooks hand-carved from wood, bone or ivory, or fabricated from nacre, tortoiseshell, abalone, horn, agate or sterling silver,, and typically adorned with gemstones.

Moving to the first Nineteen Twenties within the history of crochet hooks, sets of interchangeable hooks became common. Every set consisted of one handle, maybe of bone or amber, with assortment of short steel hooks typically move in sizes from one to fourteen. The crocheter merely designated the dimensions hook she required for her project and screwed it into the tip of the handle.

In America, the Boye Needle Co. created the primary complete line of American-made steel crochet hooks in 1917. Every hook sold-out was of nickel. Aluminium hooks appeared in 1923, and hooks for pin crochet were introduced in 1935.

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World-War II forced the govt. to order the halt of nickel plating for crochet hooks in 1942, and Boye began a special black plating method called “hoto” black method, or hot chemical compound black method, so as to stop corrosion of the hooks. Nickel plating wasn’t reinstated till the latter a part of could 1945.

The history of crochet hooks has progressed to a time when we relish the convenience Associate in Nursingd handiness of crochet hooks in an virtually limitless form of eye catching designs and colours. From exotic woods and sparkling glass, to dazzling beaded and hand painted creations, we are able to enjoy the pleasure of victimisation stunning, finely crafted needles that look nearly as good as they work!

The Anatomy of a Crochet Hook

Crochet Hooks


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The foremost common and easy crochet hook has only one hook. The fundamental maneuver for all sewes involves slippery the tip through a previous stitch and victimisation the hook to tug the yarn through to form a replacement loop. A double-ended hook (also known as double-pointed and abbreviated DP) options a head at every finish. If your double-ended hook has different-sized ends, it’s like having 2 hooks for the worth of 1 and you’ll use either finish for a project.


A doubled-ended hook with same sized ends is handy once operating a pattern back and forth across a row as a result of it permits you to flip the work and crochet within the alternative direction. it’s most ordinarily used once operating with 2 yarns and produces a surface that’s reversible. This double-sided technique isn’t technically Tunisian crochet, however it’s terribly similar. This fascinating technique typically goes by the subsequent names: cro-knit, cro-hook, crochet on the double, and crochetnit.

Tunisian Hooks

Tunisian crochet ought to be done on a awfully long needle because the technique needs you to carry many stitches on the hook promptly, even as in knitting. However, employing a needle with a cable is simpler because it holds more stitches. If operating a large project, like Associate in Nursing afghan, you’ll positively want a cable/hook combination. Tunisian hooks area unit a pleasant addition to your stash as they’re used for a fun spin on ancient crochet. Others Classification involves the sort of yarn used for the project.

Yarn Crochet Hooks

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Auminiuml may be a sturdy, light-weight material that’s ideal for larger crochet hooks meant to be used with yarn. Plus, it usually comes in fun colours.

Bamboo may be a robust, natural resources that may be extremely polished to form sleek crochet hooks. The natural material feels look at the bit. If choosing this material, take care to decide on high-quality hooks that area unit professionally polished, sturdy, and proof against wear. finest bamboo hooks will last a time period.

Steel Crochet Hooks

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Skinny crochet hooks with a awfully tiny head area unit fabricated from steel for strength. These tiny hooks area unit designed to be used with thread in bead crochet, lace, and alternative fine comes. Here they’re classified on an individual basis from yarn hooks as a result of they follow a unique filler chart.

Alternative materials, as well as plastic, abalone, acrylic, and wood, will be accustomed build crochet hooks. play with hooks of all materials to seek out your preference.


Length – Hooks with long handles will be easier to carry, particularly if you propose to crochet for hours on finish or if you suffer from inflammatory disease or an analogous condition.

Gauge – this means the amount of stitches per in.. The subsequent factors all confirm your project’s gauge: hook size, yarn size, and your personal handicraft tension.

Yarn vs. steel hook sizing.

For hooks designed to be used with yarn, follow this rule: The smaller the hook variety, the smaller the dimensions. For steel crochet hooks used with thread: The larger the hook variety, the smaller the dimensions. Note that a lot of yarn crochet hooks are sized with a letter which their U.S. variety is cherish U.S. needle sizes. The metric sizes ask the hook’s diameter.

Holding the Crochet Hook

There are alternative ways of holding the crochet hook. you’ll got to experiment and notice the means that feels the foremost comfy for you.

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  • Knife grip, with the hook under the palm of the hand, resembling a knife held when held overhand.
  • Pencil grip, with the hook going over the crotch of the thumb, resembling a pencil.

These grips area unit functionally equivalent and designated as a matter of private preference.

Few Tips while buying crochet hooks

Over time you’ll develop a private preference for the dimensions of hook, throat gradient and length, handle length, and grip kind. However, notwithstanding these preferences, take care to continually opt for a top quality hook with an expert polished, abrasion-resistant end so as to shield your yarn and to form crocheting a fun and fluid method

So Many Brands for Selection!!

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  • Clover Amour Crochet Hooks
  • Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks
  • Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook
  • Addi Swing
  • Athena’s Elements Crochet Hook
  • Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook
  • Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-1907 Crochet Hook
  • ChiaoGoo Wooden Crochet Hook
  • Addi Steel Crochet Hook
  • Crochet Lite
  • Pony Crochet Hooks

Facts of Crochet Hook

  1. For each crochet material there is a range of hook sizes.
  2. The smallest of the hook will produce the tightest stitch; the largest will produce the loosest.
  3. You cannot hook a small head over fat material.
  4. Inconsistency between crochet hook sizes in different countries is very common.

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