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When I speak of granny square the first thing that we are used to think is a solid, square shape crochet pattern, what we commonly call them as the classic granny square. Most of the time it is true, but I feel granny square is not always about being a square, it is  also the way the pattern moves that is in rounds giving an edge to the corners.

When I started with crochet I tried a small pencil pouch with the basic pattern, not aware of what it is called and posted the same on my social media profile, got good comment saying what a perfect granny square pattern, and so on. That was the moment I discovered the name granny square, and all thanks to Google for more information on Granny Square.

The pattern posted today is inspired by the granny square working, but for me it is more like a twinkling star far in the dark sky. Delicate and elegant pattern, thinner the yarn or thread the more beautiful is the square. Have tried this pattern in two thread variation, the doily thread or 2ply the dimensions is 2.25 inches and the other thread is 3ply and the dimension is 3.2 inches. If you don’t have knitting yarn that wool or worsted yarn can work as subtitle but will not give the delicate look to the motif.

The pattern is for a beginner who wants to try some granny square variation. The motif can be completed in just four rounds. I recommend this pattern for delicate table runners, shawls, etc. This pattern can add a new piece to your home décor.

Materials list required for making the Granny Square

Cotton Merchandised Thread 3ply

Crochet steel Hook size 1.6 mm,I use Tulip brand



General Instruction.

Learn more about Gauge, blocking, etc


Stitch guide and Special stitch instructions

sl st = Slip Stitch

sc = Single Crochet

ch = Chain

dc = Double Crochet

Picot = Ch5, sl st in the fifth chain away from hook.

Dc3tog = Double Crochet Three Together

Interested in exploring more information on crochet abbreviation, refer to my article.

Instruction for making the Granny Square

Start with a magic ring

Round 1

To begin the round Ch3 (consider as dc), 2dc, continue with ch5, 3dc,

Repeat to finish, close with sl st.  

Round 2

Ch 3 (will work as a dc), dc2tog (combined consider as Dc3tog) Ch5, 5dc (in the 5 chain space of Round1). Ch5. Repeat, dc3tog, ch5, 5 dc, ch5 three times. For closing the round ch2 and 1dc (consider as Chain 5).

Round 3

Start with a sc, ch 5, sc (in the chain 5 of Round 2), ch5, dc3tog (in the first 3 dc of the  5 dc cluster of the round 2), ch 3, dc3tog (in the remaining dc of the  5 dc cluster of the round 2), ch 5, sc, ch 5. Repeat more 3 times. For closing the round ch2 and 1dc (consider as Ch5).

Round 4

Start with sc, ch 7, sc, ch 9, sc, ch 7, sc, ch 3, sc, Picot of 5 chain, Ch 3, sc. Repeat to close the round.

Cut the remaining thread and with the help of tapestry needle weave the ends

Blocking or Finishing Touch

As we finish the granny square, it is very important to block the pattern.

Method 1 = a temporary method, using a steam iron, this is one of the easiest and quickest. Use a soft cloth to cover the motif, before using the iron; covering the motif will help to avoid any stains or direct heat.

Method 2 = readymade starch, mix a small quantity of the starch powder in water and dip the motif, place on the drying board, pin all the sides with rust proof pins, keep in sunlight for drying.

Put this pattern in other use.

  1. Make these granny squares with very fine thread, attached earring hooks; a beautiful pair of earrings is ready.
  2. Make 240 numbers of these grannies square join them together; the pattern will turn in a beautiful shawl.
  3. The granny square can be used for edging of bedcovers, pillow cover, etc.
  4. Use to make small table mats also.

This pattern is for personal use only, do not copy paste or repost the pictures, in case you like to share the post or pictures do give credits to my blog.


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