Crochet Leaves Bookmark – Free Pattern & Instructions

Crochet Leaves Bookmark free pattern and instructions by Avyastore.

Crochet Leaves Bookmark - Free Pattern

Bookmarks are favourite of book lover, most of us love reading and feeling the book, instead of a tablet or Kindle. The bookmark gives you a pause in reading. It recollects from where we stop.

Today’s free pattern is simple and beautiful. The pattern is also suited for making leaves and branches for decoration purpose.

The pattern can be made using any yarn brand with suitable hook size.

Materials and Equipment list required for making the Crochet Leaves Bookmark.

Green Shade worsted yarn of 3ply.

Crochet Hook Size of 2.5 mm aluminium crochet hook.


Stitch guide and special stitch instructions for the Crochet Leaves Bookmark.

sl st = Slip Stitch

sc = Single Crochet

ch = Chain 

hdc = half double crochet

Dc= double crochet.

tr = treble crochet.

Notes for the Crochet Leaves Bookmark.

  1. Each leaf is one-sided.
  2. Instruction for making the leaves remain the same for all.

Instruction for the Crochet Leaves Bookmark.

Chain 60, this is the base of the bookmark string.

For Leaf 

  1. Ch 6 for the stem, Ch 11 for the leaf base.
  2. 1 sc, 1 hdc, 2 dc, 4 tr, 2 dc, 1 hdc, 1sc, sl st. 

Repeat the above leaf instruction 2 times. You will get 3 leaves on the right-hand side.

To work for the left-hand side sl st 4 times in the stem chain.

Repeat the above instructions a make 2 leaves.

Sl st through the 60 base chains. 

Cut the loose ends and secure with a knot.

How to make a tassel- DIY Craft.

Material Required for making the tassel.

  1. Worsted Yarn
  2. A piece of cardboard or unused atm card.
  3. Scissors.

Instructions for making the tassel.

  1. Wrap the yarn 50 times around the card.
  2. Tie a knot on one side of the card tiredly. 
  3. Cut the yarn away from the tied knot area.
  4. Join the tassel to the bookmark.
  5. Leave 2cm away from the hook, wrap the yarn, tie the loose ends.
  6. Cut the extra yarn to shape the tassels.

Make these stems with thinner threads, use the delicate stems to decorate, greeting cards, craft journals, scrapbooks, etc.

Crochet Leaves Bookmark - Free Pattern

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