Crochet v/s Knitting

I love crochet and my most stuff is made of crochet, many of my friends ask me whether the bag or blanket is done with two needles, and there I have to tell them it is done with a hook and the art is called crochet. What I observe the popularity of knitting is more compared to crochet and so thought of writing this post of the difference between knitting and crochet.


The word crochet means “small hook”.  According to 1840s states: “Crochet, — a species of knitting originally practiced by the peasants in Scotland, with a small hooked needle called a shepherd’s hook, — aided by taste and fashion, has, within the last seven years, obtained the preference over all other ornamental works of a similar nature. It derives its present name from the French; the instrument with which it is worked being by them, from its crooked shape, termed ‘crochet.’ This art has attained its highest degree of perfection in England, whence it has been transplanted to France and Germany, and both countries, although unjustifiably, have claimed the invention.”

Crochet is an extremely versatile and popular technique for making a variety of fashion and home decor accessories. To crochet, you need a hook and yarn. Depending on the type yarn you use, you can create a variety of different fabrics. By combining crochet stitches and lighter weight or softer yarns, you create a delicate, drapable fabric; a thicker yarn produces a sturdy fabric. Beautiful textured and raised stitches are especially easy to make in crochet. You can also crochet with fine threads to create lacy projects like doilies or even string or cord.

You start by making a slip stitch, wrapping the yarn around the hook and pulling a loop through the slip stitch. This is the basic chain stitch. A series of chains creates a foundation row and from this base you build rows of stitches.

You can crochet in rows, keeping your work flat, or you can join your stitches, creating a ring and work in the round.

In recent years crochet has gain a huge variety from home decors, baby products, bags, scarfs,etc the list is long. Also to add there are huge variety of stitches and pattern added to the list.


Knitting has long been the favorite technique for sweater making because of the detailing and color patterning that is possible, and the supple, drapable fabric the stitches produce. The two basic stitches — knit and purl — can be worked alone or together and form many other stitches.

Knitting requires two needles and a continuous strand of yarn. You begin by making a slip knot on one needle and “casting on” the number of stitches you need for the project. (That’s the term for creating the foundation row on one needle.) The basic stitches are created using both needles, wrapping the yarn over one needle and drawing the wrapped yarn through loops on the other needle.

Circular knitting needles — long, flexible needles with a point on each end — are growing in popularity because they eliminate seams and the need to continually turn your knitting at the end of a row.

To summaries the key differences

  • In crochet, each stitch is completed before proceeding with the next one. In knitting, it keeps multiple stitches open at a time.
  • Crocheting requires thirty percent more yarn than knitting.
  • Crocheting uses one hook instead of two needles like knitting.
  • Crocheting is faster than knitting.
  • Crocheting is easy as compare to knitting as it use one hook with one loop of yarn on it.
  • Making design products is very easy in crocheting as compare to knitting.
  • Knitting is although difficult and complex but it contains more designing patters than crocheting.
  • In knitting, the stitches make a “V” shape while crochet is more like knots.

Most beautiful and versatile art form. Some say one’s faster; others, more fashionable, it is ones choice.

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