Demystifying Crochet Myths

Demystifying Crochet Myths by Avyastore

Since I started crocheting, I have heard many people saying lots of things about crochet that have made my eyebrows elevate. There are many misinterpretations about crochet out there! Have you apprehended them? Well, if we hear crochet myths, it is always good to clear the air in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. Our favourite craft has always been famous, but lately, it has become more and more pre-eminent in modern culture and fashion. Let’s build upon that impulse and make sure that everyone apprehends the truth about crochet!

Myth No.1: Crochet v/s knitting. 

Have you heard people saying knitting and crochet is the same? I consider this myth as the most common and number one on the list. Both knitting and crochet are great skills having similarities but at the same time, they are different. The patterns, skill requirement, hooks, etc used are different. Both skill forms involve yarns. Knitting and crochet are like unidentical twins.

Myth No.2: Old ladies love to crochet. 

Initially, I’d like to praise all of the old ladies who crochet. Without our grandmas and association members, we wouldn’t have the crochet passion in this world! Nevertheless, I’d like to include the MEN and other young, teen crowds who crochet too! The best way to rule out this myth is by crocheting in public places, no matter what age or gender you are and telling the world the crochet is for all ages and not for old ladies.

Myth No.3: Crochet is more comfortable than knitting

I think both knitting and crochet are comfortable as a hobby, I like both. One should have a good understanding of the pattern, stitches, yarn used in making a knitting or crochet garment. This is important for any hobby or skill, so comparing the two is not worthful.

Myth No.4: Crochet is cheap and affordable.

Yes, crochet is cheap and affordable, depending upon the individual choices of yarn or hooks. Good brands are high on the pocket but are worth it for a longer span.

Myth No.5: Crochet is all about Granny Square.

Sorry, this is the biggest myth in the world, I have a long list of crochet stitches or skills that are beyond the granny square. So before you say this to a crocheter do some research to avoid the embarrassment.

Have you ever discovered any of these crochet myths? What was your reaction? Any other crochet myths have you heard? Write to us.


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