How to crochet a lace headband – Instructions & Free Pattern

crochet lace

Have you ever wondered how you could flaunt your signature hairstyle with some trendy crochet headbands?

We at Avya bring you our latest design of a Lace crochet headband, the hair accessory which can be designed to match your preferences & style.

The Lace crochet headband can easily be made for an infant or an adult even by a beginner who has just started their journey of crocheting.

‘’As always, please feel free to use these patterns as much as you like, but please refer back to this post to share the pattern so that we can continue to post them for free!’’

Skill level

This is a beginner’s project.

Size or measurements of the finished item.

The sizes will vary based on supplies used, hook size and other factors.

 Materials list required for the crochet lace.

  • Yarn or Crochet Thread: You can use just about any size yarn to make this project. We have used Anchor Size 10 Tread
  • Crochet Hook Size:  we used a size I.5 mm steel crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
  • Hair bands.


The weight of the yarn you choose together with the hook size will indicate the finished size of the lace you make.

That’s because you can vary the size and appearance of each to fit the needs of your project. If the lace is for a bedspread, you could choose size 5 cotton thread and an appropriate hook, the same lace could be made with size 10 cotton thread and a similar hook as we have used in this project

Stitch guide and special stitch instructions

  • Slip Stitch= sl st
  • Single Crochet= sc
  • Chain = ch
  • Double Crochet = dc
  • Picot = Chain 3, slip stitch into the top of the double crochet

To know more about the various crochet abbreviations click the below link:

Instruction for making the Crochet Lace

Crochet Lace
Crochet Lace pattern

Make the lace of desire length. Use a mild starch or hair spray to stiff the lace.

To make the head band, attach the lace to elastic hair-band or simple sew a lace at the two ends of the lace.

Notes about the pattern

The lace is simple if you want to get a pattern variation; addition of a picot gives a new look to the lace.

Crochet Lace

Hand Band Size Guideline

Age Head Circumference Headband Recommended
Newborn 13’’ – 14’’ 12’’
0-6 Months 14’’ – 17’’ 13’’
6-12 Months 16’’ – 19’’ 14’’
1-3 Months 18’’ – 20’’ 15’’ – 17’’
3-12 Months 20’’ – 22’’ 17’’ – 18’’
Teen / Adult 22’’ – 24’’ 18’’ – 20’’


Few Additional Ideas.

  • Traditional use it for edging.
  • Alternative of a satin ribbon for wrapping a gift.
  • Make multiple and join to make a table runner
  • Use to decorate your pale cushion covers of pillow covers.
  • Use fine thread to make the lace, add a cord and tassel your bookmark is ready.
  • These are just a few ideas. We are sure you can dream up many others!




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