Simple, Easy Crochet Flower – Free Pattern

I love nature and I try to express my love through the art of crochet. Crocheting tiny things especially flowers is my all-time favourite. They are simple to make and are not restricted to any special skills. With little thread or yarn a beauty is created, I mean a beautiful flower. Handmade flowers especially crochet ones are perfect to gift as they stay for long in one’s heart, they express your love to the special person for whom you make them.

Today’s pattern consists of four rounds. The flowers have two layers, each layer has five petals. The first layer resembles a star and the second one is curved as waves. This is an intermediate skill level project. The size of the flowers will vary as per the supply used that is the thickness of the thread and hook size, accordingly the gauge will also change. The flower made for this project has a size of 2.5 inches, I have used 4ply cotton thread and suitable hook size. I have used self-colour for the entire flower if you wish the addition of different colour for the second phase can be done.

Few tips – I would like to recommend using crochet thread and not wool as the lustre and finishing is great. Adding a few establishments will enhance the beauty of this handmade flower.


Materials list required for the flower.

Yarn or Crochet Thread: Cotton Merchandised Size 16 Tread
Crochet Hook Size: we used a size I.60 mm steel crochet hook.
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

General Instruction.

Stitch guide and Special stitch instructions

sl st = Slip Stitch
ch = Chain
dc = Double Crochet
tr= Treble Crochet
dtr = Double Treble Crochet

Learn more about crochet abbreviations, click below link:

Instruction for making the Crochet Flower

Round 1 – Ch5,sl st.

Round 2 – Ch 3 (consider as dc), 2dc along with the ch3 join together (3dctog), ch 4, 3dctog, repeat for 3more times. End of the round there will be 5 petals.

Round 3 – For the first petal (ch 6,1dtr,1tr,2dc,1tr,1dtr,ch 6,sc) in the ch 4 space of Round 2. Repeat 4 times for forming the other petals. End of the round there will be 5 petals.

Round 4 – Start with 7 sc in the 6 chain space of the right side of the petal, continue with the sc i.e. 6 sc along with the long stitches and repeat 7 sc for the 6 chain space the left side to complete the petal. Repeat 4 times to complete the round.

Weave the loose ends with a needle.

I have used these flowers to decorate scrapbooks, greeting cards, gift tags, paper bags. This flower can be used to decorate hair band or hair clip. Decorate your newborn baby booties with these flowers. The use is endless.

The below tutorial summary is of personal use only.

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