Triangular Motif No. 1

Triangular Motif No. 1

Motifs are great for on-the-go crafters because you work them a piece at a time and then connect them together into a scarf, afghan or shawl later.

When we speak of motif the first shape is the square, but sometimes you just have to experiment with new shapes and designs, like triangles. Here’s a quick and easy triangle motif for your crocheting pleasure.

This pretty motif is worked in three colors. It is crocheted in the round starting in the center and working outward from there. This is an easy crochet project that works up quickly. The size of this Triangular Motif No. 1 is 2”.

General Direction:

Using the Motif –

Unlike most crochet patterns, this pattern has no gauge, no thread requirement and no hook sizes.

That’s because you can vary the size and appearance of each motif to fit the needs of your project. If the motif is for a bedspread, you could choose size 5 cotton thread and an appropriate hook, the same motif could be made with size 10 cotton thread and a similar hook for a doily.

When choosing the thread and hook for your project experiment with a variety of threads to achieve the appearance and texture that pleases you.

 Supply List used for the Triangular Motif No. 1:

  • Yarn or Crochet Thread: You can use just about any size fiber to make this project. We have used Anchor Size 10.
  • Crochet Hook Size: To crochet the pattern, we used a size I.25 mm crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Crochet Abbreviations Used in The Triangular Motif No. 1:

  • Ch – Chain
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • Sk – skip
  • Rep – repeat
  • Sp – space
  • Ss – slip stitch
  • Dc – double cochet

To know more about the various crochet abbreviations click the below link :

Triangular Motif No. 1

Details Instructions for the Triangular Motif No. 1:

For Round 1, 2 and 4 Color used is Yellow.

For Round 3 and 5 Color used is Blue.

Begin Ch 6, join with slip st to form ring

Round 1 –

*Ch 3, dc2tog in ring, ch 4, dc2tog in fourth chain from hook, dc2tog in ring, ch 3, slip st to ring, repeat from *once more., ch 3, 2dc2tog in ring, ch 4, dc2tog in fourth chain from hook, dc3 tog in ring. (6 clusters in ring).

Round 2 –

Ch1, *ch 3, sc in top of next cluster, ch 3, sc under ch-3 of next cluster, ch 3 sc in top of next cluster, repeat from * two more times, omitting last sc, join with slip st to first chain.

Round 3 –

Ch 1,*(4 sc in next xh-3 space) two times, (sc, ch 2, sc) in next sc, 4 sc in next ch-3 space, repeat from * two more times, join with st to first chain.

Round 4 –

Ch 3, dc2tog in same stitch, *ch 4, skip 4 sc. Dc3tog between last skipped sc and next sc, ch4, (dc3tog, ch3, dc3tog) in next ch-2 space, ch 4, skip next 5 sc, dc3tog between last skipped sc and next sc, repeat from *around, omitting last dc3tog, join with slip st to top of first cluster.

Round 5 –

Ch 1, *(5 sc in next ch-4 space) two times, (2 sc, ch 3, 2 sc) in ch-3 space, sc in next cluster, 5 dc in next ch-4 space, repeat from *around, join to first sc.

Fasten off; use the Tapestry needle to weave the ends.


What Can You Do With This Triangular Motif?

  • Use it as an establishment.
  • Make several and join to make a fancy bag, shawl, and bedspread.
  • Make use of thick yarn and convert the pattern to make pretty coasters.
  • Use very thin yarn to make pretty earrings or a neckpiece.
  • These are just a few ideas. We are sure you can dream up many others!


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